Mobile App Maintenance Services

20 Years Strong: App Maintenance Beyond Compare

BIT Studios has been specializing in mobile app maintenance since 2003, establishing itself as a trusted and seasoned player in the industry. Our support and maintenance service ensures technical expertise and a deep understanding of evolving mobile app ecosystems and user needs.

Mobile App Maintenance Services

Mobile app maintenance involves updating, fixing, and enhancing applications to ensure continued performance and relevance. BIT Studios offers meticulous maintenance services, keeping your mobile apps streamlined, secure, and aligned with current market demands.

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BIT Studios Next-Level Mobile App Maintenance Services

Elevate your app’s performance with our mobile application maintenance and support services, tailored to keep your mobile application running smoothly while adapting to ever-changing technological landscapes.

Market Analysis

Core Maintenance Services

At BIT Studios, our primary goal is to ensure your mobile application runs flawlessly at all times. Our core maintenance and support services ensure the optimal functioning of your app irrespective of user loads, offering a seamless experience for your customers.

  • Mobile App Performance Tuning
  • Mobile App Monitoring
  • Performance Optimization
  • Server Configuration Management
Mobile App Security and QA

Mobile App Security and QA

Your app’s security and quality are paramount. We provide a comprehensive range of services that address every potential threat and vulnerability.

  • Security Auditing
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Compliance Management
Cost Optimization

Upgrades and Data Management

Technology is ever-evolving, and regular updates and seamless data management are crucial to stay ahead of the competition. With our specialized services, we ensure your business app remains contemporary and data-intuitive.

  • Version Upgrades
  • Data Migration
  • Mobile App Re-Engineering
User Engagement and Experience

User Engagement and Experience

An app’s success is determined by its users. At BIT Studios, we prioritize user feedback and experience to drive engagement, ensuring that your app remains the preferred choice for its audience.

  • In-App User Feedback
  • User Experience Monitoring
  • Feature Request Tracking

Why We Stand Out in Mobile App Support & Maintenance

Our commitment to unparalleled mobile app support and maintenance services distinguishes us from the rest in the ever-evolving world of mobile apps. Here’s what sets us apart from other service providers.

100+ Enterprise Projects CompletedProactive Problem Solving
Before issues become apparent to users, our advanced monitoring systems detect and address them.
VIP SupportHolistic Maintenance Approach
We don’t just fix bugs; we optimize performance, update content, and adapt to changing platform standards.
CalendarCustomized Update Schedules
We tailor update schedules to best match the needs and preferences of each app’s community.
UserDedicated Support Teams
Our highly skilled technical teams specialize in cross-platform app care, offering round-the-clock support.

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BIT Studios Workflow for Mobile App Maintenance Services

BIT Studios is a mobile app development company that believes your app’s journey extends far beyond its launch. Dive into our dedicated app support and maintenance process, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.


User-Centric Evaluations

  • We regularly gather feedback through in-app surveys and cutting-edge tools.
  • Our team dives deep into app store reviews to capture and understand user sentiments.
  • BIT Studios outlines a mobile app maintenance plan based on user insights, promptly addressing the most pressing issues.

Performance Analytics

  • We deploy tools offering live analytics to stay ahead of performance issues.
  • BIT Studios’ maintenance team diligently identifies and resolves factors causing app disruptions.
  • We constantly strive for the quickest load times and seamless in-app experiences

Regular Updates

  • Our team ensures your app runs smoothly on the latest versions of all major platforms.
  • BIT Studios tests extensively across devices for consistent performance.
  • Our developers refine existing features, incorporating the latest tech standards.

Security Enhancements

  • We schedule regular checks to spot and rectify vulnerabilities.
  • Ensuring user data safety is our top priority. We encrypt sensitive data at all touchpoints.
  • We remain vigilant, using top-tier tools to swiftly detect and thwart unauthorized activities.

Feature Additions & Iterations

  • We keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest app trends and functionalities.
  • Before a full-scale launch, we let a select group test and provide feedback on new additions.
  • Guided by user feedback, we fine-tune features for maximum impact and usability.

UI/UX Refreshes

  • BIT Studios’ design team stays updated with the latest UI/UX shifts to keep the app fresh and engaging.
  • We evaluate and enhance the app’s navigation and feedback to maintain its intuitiveness.
  • Our team tests multiple design variants, selecting the one that resonates best with users.

Proactive Support

  • Our team keeps users informed about upcoming changes and maintenance schedules.
  • BIT Studios has established a seamless system for users to report bugs and suggest improvements.

Ensure your app’s longevity and excellence with BIT Studios.

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Powering Mobile App Maintenance: Our Tech Stack Unveiled

Dive into the core of our unmatched mobile app maintenance as we unveil the advanced tech stack that powers seamless updates and relentless performance.

Error Tracking and Crash Reporting



Now a part of Firebase, this tool provides real-time crash reporting.

Sentry provides context to uncover insights for engineers, support, product, and beyond.


An open-source error tracking tool that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real-time.

BugSnag is an error monitoring and reporting software with best-in-class functionality for mobile apps.


Offers error monitoring for mobile apps, giving insights into how, why, and where your app is crashing.

Performance Monitoring

New Relic is a Software as a Service offering that focuses on performance and availability monitoring.

New Relic

A cloud-based platform offering application performance management and mobile monitoring.

Dynatrace, Inc. is a global technology company listed on the NYSE that provides a software intelligence platform based on artificial intelligence and automation.


Offers AI-powered, full stack performance monitoring.



Performance Monitoring: Provides insights into the performance characteristics of iOS and Android apps.

Automated Testing



An open-source tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid apps on both iOS and Android.


Espresso (for Android)

Google’s UI testing framework.


XCTest (for iOS)

Apple’s framework for unit and UI testing.



Gray box end-to-end testing and automation library for mobile apps.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)



An open-source automation server.



Mobile continuous integration and delivery for automatic build, test, and deployment.

Circle CI


A CI/CD platform that automates the software development process.



Simplifies building and releasing mobile apps.

User Feedback and Usability Testing

Instabug is a software company that provides bug reporting, app performance monitoring, crash reporting, in-app chats, and user surveys for mobile apps.


Allows users to report bugs directly from within the app.



A platform for gathering customer feedback and conducting surveys.

User Testing


Get live video feedback from users.

App Store Analytics and Optimization

App Annie

App Annie

Provides app analytics and market data.

Sensor Tower provides rich market insights into the trends shaping businesses in the global digital economy.

Sensor Tower

Offers app store optimization and mobile app industry market intelligence.

Mobile Action is a leading App Store Optimization and App Marketing tool that provides world class data.


App store optimization and competitor analysis tool.

Backend Maintenance

AWS Mobile

AWS Mobile

Cloud services specifically tailored for mobile applications.

Firebase Real-time Database

Firebase Realtime Database and Firestore

NoSQL cloud databases for syncing data in real-time.



A cloud platform that allows apps to be managed and scaled easily.

Database Management



A database specifically designed for mobile apps, which can be used offline and syncs when online.



A C-language library that offers a lightweight disk-based database.

Version Control

GIT - A decentralized system that tracks changes, ensuring collaborative and error-free development


A free, open-source distributed version control system.


GitHub or Bitbucket

Platforms that provide hosting for software development and version control using Git.

The Art of Teamwork: BIT Studios Collaboration Techniques

At BIT Studios, we blend innovation with teamwork through our diverse collaboration approaches, ensuring every project thrives on collective genius. Here’s the different ways you can work with us.

Essential Factors Driving the Mobile App Maintenance Costs

Maintenance is an ongoing process, and the expenses can encompass various tasks. Here are some primary factors that influence the cost:

The Power of Continuous App Care: Choose BIT Studios

Mobile app maintenance services are essential for a mobile application’s longevity, security, and overall success. Here are some compelling reasons why you need mobile app maintenance services: