Real Life Development Stories & Advice

React Native vs. Flutter vs. PWA

by ibezdenezhnih
October 14, 2019
What are the main differences between PWA, React Native and Flutter, and how to tell which one is…

Top 8 Reasons Software Projects Fail

by Jeffery Thompson
October 10, 2019
Poor communication, not focusing on MVP, and no short term goal in sight… find out how to…

Test Automation vs. No Test Automation

by Jeffery Thompson
August 29, 2019
Should you incorporate test automation into your software development approach? In our opinion,…

Why a Minimum Viable Product is Critical to Your Startup Success

by Jeffery Thompson
August 28, 2019
What is MVP and why it’s important to you? What is kitchen sink thinking and what can you do when…

How to Succeed in Design For Conversion

by Jeffery Thompson
August 23, 2019
Good web design is not only creative, appealing, and original. It’s a design that…

What are the Signs that Your Software Project is Failing?

by Jeffery Thompson
April 15, 2019
The problem with software failure is that it sneaks up on you when you least expect it. You may…

How We used Rapid Prototyping to Make Offshore Software Development Efficient & Easy!

by Jeffery Thompson
March 26, 2019
This story is about how we switched from a traditional development approach to rapid UX-first…

Hacking Web Design To Improve The Usability

by Jeffery Thompson
March 25, 2019
There are a few things you should know about design and psychology that will help you create better…
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