SaaS - Auto Dealership Stips & Communications

Container as a Service Solution

Client Challenge

Our customer is a startup solving a problem in the auto industry for which there previously was no solution. Auto dealerships had no way of managing the collection creditor required data from secondary loan applicants. They were using Excel or Google sheets and other means but with no efficiency.

BIT's Solution

BIT worked with the client to build a semi-functional prototype of the solution while our client used that to demo and get real user feedback. We then dove into our agile development process and created the mobile apps and portals necessary to support the solution.

Tech Stack

  • Back-end: Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, Redis, Sidekiq
  • Front-end:, Bootstrap, SASS, Webpack
  • Mobile: Ionic, FireBase.
  • CI/DevOps tools: Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Services
  • QA tools: RSpec, Capybara, Selenium WebDriver