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Main Stages Of Our Process

Our Process | Best Chicago Web Development & Design Firmpreparation

Preliminary Project Visualization

User Profiles
User Stories, Use Cases
Work Flow Activity Diagrams

Our Process | Best Chicago Web Development & Design Firmcollaboration

Feedback-Driven Rapid Prototyping

Feedback Drives Smart Solutions
Incremental Prototyping
Frequent, Transparent Reviews

Our Process | Best Chicago Web Development & Design Firmresult

Usable Software Meeting Your Requirements

Eliminate Risks by 90%
Decrease Number of Iterations
Reduce Costs and Timeline

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Our Other Web and Software
Development Service

Bit Studios | Software & Web Design Agency Chicago

Web and Software Development

Since 1990, we have logged thousands of hours developing hundreds of successful solutions across a wide range industries and technologies.

Enterprise Ecommerce & CMS

We provide services that can support you throughout the entire the life cycle of your ecommerce development and customer journey.

Mobile Apps

We have successfully launched over 200 custom mobile applications across iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, WinMo, Symbian, J2ME, and BlackBerry.

QA & Software Testing

Our load testing team tests software performance to ensure its reliable work on each stage of the development lifecycle under normal load, at peak periods and in stress conditions.

Digital Marketing & Automation

We have logged thousands of hours developing and managing hundreds of marketing campaigns and millions of advertising dollars successfully and profitably for companies of all sizes.

Web Design

We have been working with the best of breed technology and talent to create websites that convert visitors to customers

UX Rapid Prototyping

We minimize this risk is by creating clickable, semi-functional prototypes that allow the client to experience their site and provide feedback before it goes to production.