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React Native Development Services at BIT Studios

With React Native, you can build apps that look and feel like you made them for Android or iOS. You don’t have to write code for each platform separately. BIT Studios offers a full range of React Native development services.

React Native Consulting

React Native Consulting

React Native allows companies to expand their offerings to different platforms. But if you need help with a project, our consultants are here to help! We’ll work with you every step of the way until you’re ready to take over the reins yourself.

React Native Migration

React Native Migration

Do you have an existing app that needs porting to React Native? That’s no problem! Our React Native development team knows how to migrate apps from native languages. Be it in Objective-C, Swift, Java, and more.

React Native iOS Development

React Native iOS Development

We know what it takes to develop applications for iOS devices. Our team has been designing and developing apps for years. We understand how important it is to have a great user experience. And we do that while maintaining high-performance standards.

React Native Android Development

React Native Android Development

Are you looking for an experienced React Native Android developer? Our team has extensive experience developing apps in both Java and Kotlin. We can help with issues related to using Kotlin with other languages. These other languages are Kotlin/Native or Kotlin/JSX/ReactNativeWebViews.

React Native Hybrid App Development

React Native Hybrid App Development

We specialize in developing hybrid apps using React Native. We use native and web technologies. They allow us to create a platform that works across many platforms and devices. This gives you the best of both worlds!

React Native Support and Maintenance

React Native Support and Maintenance

We can help with your native app’s maintenance and support. We’ll ensure that your app is always up-to-date with the latest versions of React Native. These include any dependencies it has. We’ll also help you fix bugs and security vulnerabilities.

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Why Trust BIT Studios To Build Your React Native Apps

29+ Years of Experience

29+Years of Experience

We’ve been building apps since before smartphones, so we know our stuff.



Our UX-first, rapid prototyping approach in app development works! It has worked repeatedly for our clients.

Review on Clutch

Review on Clutch

We’ve received rave reviews from our clients on Clutch. Check out what they have to say about us!

100+ Enterprise Projects

100+ Enterprise Projects

The projects we completed show our stellar work ethic and commitment to excellence.

Benefits You’ll Get When You Hire React Native Developers at BIT Studios

When you partner with BIT Studios, you get the best React Native developers in the industry. Through the years, they trained and honed their skills to master their craft.

Save Time and Money

React Native developers are more cost-effective than other types of developers. They can quickly get up to speed with your project. You won’t need to pay for extensive training or lengthy ramp-up periods.

High-Quality Apps

Our developers have a lot of experience with React Native and similar technologies. They also understand their clients’ needs. It enables them to create better solutions for their client’s problems.

They Will Get the App Right the First Time

Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you need to rebuild your app. With our React Native developers, you can avoid costly mistakes. You can also save time by getting the app right the first time.

Wide Range of Expertise

We have a wide range of expertise in creating applications for different businesses. Our developers are passionate about their work and responsive to your needs.


Our React Native developers are up to date with the latest and greatest technology. You can ensure your app is on top of its game. Our React Native experts are innovative and efficient.


Our React Native developers are always available for you. You can be sure that they will respond to all your queries. We love what we do. We will be with you every step of the way.

Outsourcing Models We Use in Developing React Native Apps

Fixed Price

Fixed Price

This is the simplest model to understand—you pay us a set amount of money, and we deliver a finished product. It’s great for projects where you know what you want. It is also ideal if you don’t want to waste time discussing design elements or technical details.

Time and Material

Time and Materials

This one is more complex but also more flexible. We agree on an hourly rate for each React Native developer involved in your project. Then, we bill you based on how much time they spend working on it.



We hire developers from third-party companies to work on your project. We set clear milestones along the way. This way, we can track progress and make sure offshore React Native developers are on the same page.

Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation

We use team augmentation when you have an existing team of React Native experts. Team Augmentation is best when you need additional support for a project. We help the in-house team by providing talents who are well-versed in the skill set needed for the project.

The Process You’ll See When You Hire React Native Programmers at BIT Studios

We know that you want your app to be great. We’ve broken down the process of building React Native apps into six stages.

Requirements Gathering

Requirements are the most critical part of any project. They are essential for us to understand what you need and how you want it. We will then create a detailed plan for the project based on your requirements.

  • Defining project requirements
  • Understanding your needs
  • Creating detailed plans

Design and Prototyping

Once we clearly understand what you need, our designers will create a mockup. The mockup includes the app’s home screen and some screens with different functionality. We will send these designs to you for feedback before moving on to development.

  • Creating a prototype
  • Getting feedback
  • Final editing before development


We will begin the development of the actual app. This includes creating all the screens, views, and layouts needed. This step ensures everything looks great and works as expected!

  • Developing the app
  • Creating screen layouts
  • Coding

QA and Testing

Once we have finished developing your app, we will start testing it for bugs. We will test for issues that may arise during use, such as crashes. Once our React Native programmers fix those bugs and issues, we will run more tests. We will test on different devices with different OS versions. We’ll make sure everything looks perfect across all platforms!

  • Testing for bugs and issues
  • Running tests on multiple devices
  • Running tests on different OS versions


Finally comes deployment. This means uploading your new app onto the app stores for everyone else to enjoy! We’ll take care of all the details for you, so you don’t have to worry about it!

  • Uploading to app stores
  • Getting your app to market
  • Getting the app available for public use

Support and Maintenance

Once you have launched your app, we will continue to provide support and maintenance. If the React Native programmers report any, we can take care of those things for you!

  • Resolving bugs
  • Responding to queries
  • Maintaining the app

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    React Native Development FAQs

    How Long Does It Take To Develop a React Native App?

    A React Native app uses Facebook’s open-source JavaScript framework. It allows for native API calls and the ability to write code once and then deploys it on iOS or Android.

    That means there are a few things to consider when looking at how long it takes to develop a React Native app:

    • The complexity of your project
    • The features you want
    • The amount of support you need.

    Let’s say you’re looking for something simple. You want a React Native app showing photos with captions. These types of apps can take one to two weeks to develop.

    But if you want something complex, you’ll be looking at closer to two months.

    Suppose your React Native app needs to be able to fit into existing systems. It will take even longer!

    How Do I Track the Development Progress of My React Native App?

    You can track the development process of your React Native app. You just need to keep an eye on the GitHub repository. You should also monitor your bug tracker for issues to address or bugs to fix.

    You can also monitor the React Native app’s progress by tracking the following:

    • Number of active users
    • Active sessions
    • Sessions per user
    • Average session length
    • Session recency
    • Session frequency

    If you’re concerned about the quality of your React Native app, you can use tools like AppSignal or Sentry. These apps let you monitor crashes, errors, and server latency. You should also use third-party tools to measure user experience and engagement.

    How Does Bit Studios Handle Platform-Specific Code in React Native?

    When you’re building a React Native app, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to use the same code for Android and iOS.

    That’s fine—you don’t have to. In fact, it’s better if you don’t! Each platform has its requirements and quirks. If you try to write your app code in a way that works for both platforms, your code will likely be clunky. It won’t be easy to maintain and debug and will take longer than necessary to run.

    The good news is that React Native framework lets you handle platform-specific code. The bad news is that it can be confusing at first—but we’re here to help!

    There are two ways React Native experts handle platform-specific code.

    1. Write platform-specific code in the same file.

    This is the easiest way to handle platform-specific code. Write your code in a single file. Include platform-specific code blocks wherever necessary. This approach works well if you only need to do something different on iOS versus Android. It can get messy if you have other differences unrelated to platforms.

    1. Create a separate file for each platform.

    This is the most common approach for people with more than platform-specific code. Create a separate .ios.js file and a .android.js file to hold your platform-specific code. Then, import them into your main index.js file when needed. This approach works if you have other differences between platforms unrelated to UI.

    How Much Does It Cost To Hire a React Native Developer?

    The cost of hiring a React Native developer depends on several factors. The first one is the skill set of the developer. It would be best if the developer has experience building apps using React Native.

    Second, consider how much time you want the React Native developer to spend on your project. If it’s an urgent matter, then you might have to pay more than if it’s a less critical project.

    The third factor is whether you are looking for an individual or a team of developers. If you opt for an individual React Native developer, expect to pay more than if you go with a team of developers.

    A senior React Native developer can charge between $100 and $200 per hour. Those with more basic skills and experience may charge $50 per hour or less.

    How Can Bit Studios Help Me Hire the Best React Native Developer?

    If you’re looking for a great React Native developer, we’ve got you covered.

    We know that hiring a dedicated React Native developer can be challenging. You want someone talented and experienced. Also, you need someone who shares your vision and values. We’ve seen how frustrating it can be to find the right fit when you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

    That’s why we’ve built BIT Studios from the ground up: to help people like you find their perfect match. Our team has vetted hundreds of expert React Native developers. They have worked on React Native projects before. So, we can recommend those who are best suited to your needs.

    With our network, we can connect you with top dedicated React Native developers. It won’t matter where they live or work. Since we vetted all our partners first, there are no surprises when hiring them. You know what kind of person they are!

    Advantages of Hiring React Native Developers at BIT Studios

    You get a high-quality product when you choose the React Native app developers at BIT Studios. We make sure that the app meets your needs.

    Reasonable Rates
    Reasonable Rates

    We make sure that our prices are cost-effective. Plus, we offer discounts for clients returning for additional apps later on!

    Clients and Portfolio
    Clients and Portfolio

    We’ve worked with clients in various industries. And we are happy to show you what we can do before agreeing to take on your project.

    Secure and Compliant
    Secure and Compliant

    An independent third-party security firm tests our React Native mobile apps before release.

    Programming Languages
    Programming Languages

    Our React Native team is highly skilled and experienced in various programming languages. They are well versed in javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, and more.

    App Development Projects We Completed

    eLearning Mobile App

    eLearning Mobile App

    Mobile Application

    We built an eLearning mobile app using our iOS native app development skills. This app lets users prepare for the TOEIC test. It even allows them to generate or edit tests themselves.
    Dating App

    Dating App

    Mobile Application

    Smooch is an easy-to-use and interactive dating app. It has powerful capabilities that allow users to stream videos, share stories, and do advanced searches.
    Mobile eCommerce Application

    Mobile eCommerce Application

    Mobile Application

    We built a mobile ecommerce app for dentists! It allows dental clinics to browse dental equipment and supplies. Plus, it comes with an easy-to-use checkout feature. They can even use the app offline.

    The BIT Studios Process: Tried and Tested Path to Success

    App Designed Specifically for you
    App Designed
    Specifically for you
    Reduces Costs
    Reduces Costs
    Lessens Risks
    Lessens Risks

    We developed the UX-first rapid prototyping approach. We hire React Native developers to create a working prototype. Then, we move on to design and development. We do this by asking questions and listening closely to what our clients want. Then, we use our design, engineering, and UI development expertise to build it.