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We offer systems integration services for any business. BIT Studios will ensure all your systems are in top form.

  • Automate your business!
  • Improve productivity!
  • Secure your data!
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System Integration Services BIT Studios Offers

We are more than your system integration consultant.
We are your strategic partner. One that will help you streamline your operations. Our range of system integration services includes:

Business-to-Business Integration

Business-To-Business Integration (B2B Integration Services)

Automate transactions with suppliers and third-party partners. We can help you streamline your external processes.

Data Integration Services

Data Integration Services

Gather data from several sources. And store them in a safe but accessible place. Whatever application, file format, or database—we’ll integrate it!

Electronic Document Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Document Interchange (EDI)

Say goodbye to paper-based processes. Speed up your document exchanges by going digital.

Embrace paperless processes now. Save time and money in the long run!

Enterprise Application Integration Services (EAI)

Enterprise Application Integration Services (EAI)

Merge your enterprise applications into one unified whole.

Have all your systems running in one network environment. Then reap the benefits of real-time data exchange.

Your team can collaborate better too!

Legacy Systems Integration Services

Legacy Systems Integration Services

Modernize your legacy systems without abandoning them. Combine them with newer technologies to improve your capabilities. We can guarantee minimal disruptions during integration.

You get to keep your trusted technologies. At the same time, you’re welcoming the future!

Third-Party Software and System Integration Services

Third-Party Software and System Integration Services

It’s okay if you don’t have the resources to develop new features from scratch.

We can integrate third-party systems. You can add new functionality with minimal costs. In the long run, you might want to consider software development as well.

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Our Software Integration Process

When we integrate systems, we follow a specific process.
Our aim is to make your business more efficient. With efficiency comes rapid growth and expanded abilities!

Planning and Requirements Gathering

A good strategy reduces the complexity of bringing disparate systems together. What happens in this phase:

  • Identify the goals of the systems integration services
  • Gather all requirements
  • Share the requirements with the system integrator
  • Conduct feasibility analysis
  • Detect potential risks

Designing the Architecture

A sound framework can integrate system components without a hitch. What happens in the architecture design phase:

  • Develop a strategy for integrating all the components
  • Choose the architecture model
  • Generate blueprints of how systems will connect with each other


Testing ensures that every integrated module functions as planned. It detects and resolves errors early. It helps all components interact with APIs and third-party tools. 

What happens in the testing phase:

  • Test the systems for errors and bugs
  • Check the test environments
  • Conduct large-scale testing

Implementation Services

After testing, the integrated system goes live. Then your team can start reaping the benefits. What happens in the implementation phase:

  • Set the timeline for systems integration services
  • Establish alternative implementation options
  • Train the end-users

Maintenance and Support

We ensure your systems perform as expected after release. We can add components if necessary later on. What happens in the maintenance and support phase:

  • Gather feedback from stakeholders and users
  • Perform scheduled diagnostics
  • Report issues to the IT team

The Process Behind Our Software System Integration Services

Improved Productivity For Your Team

Improved Productivity for Your Team!

Real-Time Data Exchange

Real-Time Data Exchange!

Accelerated Growth For Your Business

Accelerated Growth for Your Business!

Let BIT Studios help your team be more productive. We want you to grow your business. Proper systems integration services can get you there. So partner with us, and we’ll be there in every step.

Benefits of BIT Studios’ Systems Integration Services

Integrating systems may sound complex. But the benefits far outweigh the risks if done right. So what advantages are we talking about? Scroll down below.

Centralized Data

Store your data in a protected location. Secure it so that only your team can gain access to it.

Faster Data Exchange

Let your team enjoy access to data fast. Remove unneeded paper trails from your business. Get real-time data quickly.

Unified System Accessible to All Team Members

Store your data in a centralized hub. House your enterprise applications in one environment. Make your tools accessible to your people.

Improved Productivity

Do more by leveraging more than one system. Become more efficient via automation and real-time data exchanges.

Increase in Security

There are risks when integrating systems. But we mitigate them via proper testing.


Integrated systems enable your company to scale. Scalability becomes even more achievable when you avail of cloud migration solutions.

Why Trust Our Software Integration Services

A Boost to Your Business

Boost Your Business

Software integration increases your business capabilities.

An Efficiency Game-Changer

An Efficiency Game-Changer

Integrated systems make your teams more productive.

Your Data Liberator

Your Data Liberator

Make better decisions by leveraging real-time data.

Your Security Shield

Your Security Shield

Control the accessibility of your data.

What Are the Advantages of IT Integration Services?

We give you four big reasons you should embrace IT integration services.



Say goodbye to human error. Automate your processes. And you can do a lot in less time too.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

By reducing iteration, you lessen operational costs. A central data hub is cheaper for most businesses than many data stores.

Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement

You have access to data on performance metrics. You are now in a better position to make improvements.



Cyber attacks can happen anytime. But integrated software systems are stronger than isolated software systems.

Businesses That Leverage Our Technologies and Platforms

Trinity Health
Stanley Steemper
Signature Brands
POP -tarts
Hewlett Packard
Flinn Scientific
Fresh Express

What Our Customers Say

What You Need to Know About System Integration Services

It’s A Process

It’s a Process

The process involves combining all system components. They include all software as well as physical modules.

Purpose of System Integration

Its Purpose

The ultimate aim is operational efficiency. But it could have specific goals too. It could boost productivity. It could streamline processes. Or it could secure data.

System Integration Methods

Its Methods

There are many methods for integrating systems. The ideal method is one that best fits your business needs.

Types of System Integration Services

It Has Many Types

System integration services come in many forms. They range from simple integration services to complex ones.

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    A Few of Our Systems Integration Projects

    Cloud Collaboration & Project Management – SaaS

    Cloud Collaboration & Project Management – SaaS

    Portal / Mobile App

    We built a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to boost productivity among teams. Daily Frenzy is more than just a project management tool. It promotes better task collaboration and real-time project updates.
    Wire Fraud Prevention

    Wire Fraud Prevention

    Software as a Service

    Wire fraud in real estate transactions is real. So we worked with CertifID to develop a wire fraud prevention SaaS solution. It helps real estate professionals verify IDs during deals.

    Systems Integration Services FAQs

    How Do You Do System Integration?

    You can do system integration by following certain steps. Before you start, you should plan and gather requirements.

    Then you proceed with designing the architecture. The next step is testing. Integration then follows. The last step is maintenance and support services.

    What Is the Purpose of System Integration?

    Software systems integration has one main purpose. And that is efficiency.

    But it can also have specific objectives. You can use it to streamline operations. Or leverage it for automation. You can even adapt it to boost your security.

    What Are the Requirements of System Integration?

    First, you have to know your business goals. Then you have to define specific business needs.

    When you plan, set the timelines and expectations. Also, don’t forget to study the roles of stakeholders and end-users.

    What Are the Models Used in Systems Integration Services?

    One popular example is the point-to-point model. It is ideal for businesses with few software components.

    A more advanced method is the hub-and-spoke model.

    Then there’s the ESB (Enterprises Service Bus) model. This one is more specialized and complex.