CertifID - Anti Wire Fraud Real Time Digital Identity Verification

Client Challenge

CertifID’s challenge was to find a way to make wire fraud transactions a thing of the past. To make it pretty much impossible for either the sender or recipient to become a victim in this ever-growing area of fraud.

BIT's Solution

We worked closely with the CertifID to create an online service for real estate, mortgage and title industry professionals to verify the identities of parties in a transaction and securely transfer bank account credentials.


For under $10, CertifID guarantees each wire transfer up to $500,000 against fraud. Easily implement the solution into your workflow with no need to change your wire system, your bank, or your software.

Tech Stack

  • Back-end: .NetStandard 1.3, ASP.Net WebApi 2, ASP.NET Identity, Entity Framework 6, AutoMapper, Autofac, log4net, Swagger
  • Front-end: React.js, Redux, Bootstrap, SASS, Webpack, Karma + Jasmine + Enzyme
  • CI/DevOps tools: TeamCity, Azure, Docker
  • QA Tools: Selenium