Accessibility Testing Services

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With a strong credibility and dedication to delivering premier accessibility testing services, BIT Studios helps align digital platforms with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We ensure our global clients connect effectively with their target audience by enhancing their software’s inclusivity and user experience.

Accessibility Testing Services

Accessibility testing services involve evaluating digital platforms to ensure they adhere to established accessibility guidelines. It makes them usable for all individuals, including those with disabilities. As a premier accessibility testing company, BIT Studios empowers companies by identifying and fixing accessibility barriers for inclusivity and compliance across digital landscapes.

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BIT Studios Accessibility Testing Services

At BIT Studios, our comprehensive accessibility testing services ensure your digital platforms are inclusive, user-friendly, and compliant with all relevant accessibility standards. Here are some of the services we offer:

Accessibility Testing Services

Web Page AccessibilityWeb Accessibility Testing
Mobile App AccessibilityMobile Accessibility Testing
Application TestingDocument Accessibility Testing
CMS ModuleCMS Accessibility Testing
Shopping Cart AccessibilityeCommerce Accessibility Testing

Specialized Testing Approaches

Desktop App UserUser-Centric Accessibility Testing
Behavior TestingCollaborative Paired Testing
Graph EyeScreen Reader Testing
Linear PathwayEnd-to-End Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Consulting and Strategy

Desktop HeartAccessibility-Focused Usability Testing
User SupportDigital Accessibility Consulting
Computer ADAADA Website Testing
Document WCAGWCAG Compliance Testing

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Unlocking Benefits with Accessibility Testing Services

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Enhanced User Experience

Our web accessibility testing ensures optimal user interaction and experience, catering to diverse needs and abilities.

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Strict Compliance

Our accessibility testing service ensures adherence to all relevant accessibility guidelines and regulations, mitigating legal risks.

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In-depth Insight

Our accessibility testing consultants provide detailed analyses and reports, clarifying areas needing improvement and rectification.

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Increased Market Reach

BIT Studios’ meticulous testing processes assure that your digital platforms are accessible to a broader, more inclusive audience, broadening your market scope.

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Brand Strengthening

Demonstrating commitment to accessibility builds consumer trust and enhances your brand’s reputation for inclusivity and corporate responsibility.

Optimized Performance

Through rigorous testing, BIT Studios ensure that your web content is efficiently optimized, providing seamless navigation and interaction for all users.

Cost Efficiency


By identifying and addressing accessibility issues early, BIT Studios help avoid costly modifications and overhauls in the future.


Innovative Solutions

BIT Studios leverage advanced testing tools and methodologies to offer innovative solutions that address accessibility challenges effectively.

Opt for Excellence: Choosing BIT Studios Accessibility Test

Choosing BIT Studios for web accessibility testing is choosing unparalleled expertise and precision. Our team of accessibility testing experts is dedicated to ensuring your digital platforms are inclusive, user-friendly, and compliant.

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Strategic Partnership Approaches for Accessibility Success

Framework of Inclusivity: Our Accessibility Testing Phases

Our accessibility testing process is designed to ensure digital inclusivity and compliance, unfolding through strategic stages from requirement analysis to remediation. Please note that each stage’s specific flow and emphasis may vary to adapt to the specific testing methodology employed in each project.


Requirement Analysis

BIT Studios begins by meticulously analyzing clients’ requirements and aligning them with the Disabilities Act and accessibility guidelines to set clear expectations.

  • Identification and understanding of user needs and potential barriers
  • Analysis of accessibility requirements and legal obligations
  • Definition of the scope and objectives of software accessibility testing
  • Selection of appropriate automation and manual testing tools


This stage involves constructing a detailed plan. We will outline the testing approach, resources, schedule, and deliverables for comprehensive and effective accessibility software testing.

  • Formulation of a tailored accessibility testing strategy
  • Allocation of accessibility testers
  • Establishment of relevant timelines and milestones
  • Determination of applicable WCAG 2.1 and ADA compliance test criteria


Our accessibility testers deploy a mix of manual and automation testing to scrutinize the software’s adherence to accessibility standards

  • Execution of predefined accessibility tests
  • Comprehensive evaluation using automation and manual methodologies
  • Identification and documentation of accessibility issues
  • Detailed documentation of test results and findings


BIT Studios compiles a conclusive report outlining identified issues’ impacts and recommended remediation strategies to fortify software accessibility.

  • Compilation and prioritization of detailed accessibility test reports
  • Provision of remediation recommendations and accessibility compliance insights
  • Verification of compliance levels with relevant accessibility rules
  • Detailed insights into the impacts of identified issues


The final stage encompasses addressing the reported accessibility barriers and validating the enhancements to assure optimal accessibility and compliance with WCAG 2.1 regulations.

  • Implementation of recommended accessibility enhancements
  • Re-testing to validate the effectiveness of remediation measures
  • Adjustment and optimization of accessibility features
  • Assurance of adherence to accessibility guidelines

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