User Experience (UX) & Rapid Prototyping

We Believe
User Experience (UX) Is the Driver Behind Effective Web Design & Development

Why User Experience & Rapid Prototyping
Is Critical to Your Project

You Demo / See It Before We Build It
Development is done in daily increments, so that you can see and control the whole process of creation
You Drive Feedback Early and Often
User input drives UX & Prototyping updates and, finally, you get what you expect and what you need… every time.
Usable, Useful Software Is the Result
Prototyping reduces project risk by up to 90% and lets complex projects come to life quickly. Success is the only option.

What Is Rapid Prototyping

We work in a tough industry; statistics tell us that more than 50% of all IT projects fail, and many of the projects that do make it experience high cost overruns.

At BIT Studios, we don’t think that’s acceptable. One of the ways we minimize this risk is by creating clickable, semi-functional prototypes that allow the client to experience their site and provide feedback before it goes to production.

We use the prototype to identify and work out any issues, and we involve you, the client, in the design process from start to finish. You can use it, click it, browse it, and interact with it. Together we share, collaborate, change and improve it until it’s ready to go in to development. We can even get the prototype in front of your end users to perform testing, gather feedback and validate it meets their needs.

A good prototype allows everyone to know exactly what will be delivered, saves you time and money, and helps ensure your site will be a leader in your space, not a development statistic.




Long before UX became a buzzword, BIT Studios recognized its importance and worked hard to become leaders in User Experience Strategy and Design. Our clients have benefited with better conversion and higher customer satisfaction.