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Website Development Services That We Offer

Located in Dallas, TX, we have been providing custom website solutions for over 29 years. Our clients came from various industries such as health, transportation, banking, and more.

Web design

Web Design

As a web design company, in Dallas, we take pride in our seasoned web designers. We’ve been helping businesses build responsive custom websites. With BIT Studios, we guarantee that your website will work well with any mobile device.

Web portal

Web Portal

We build web portals that deliver personalized experiences to your specific target audience.

Laravel, ReactJs, and AngularJS, to name a few are some of the technologies we use to build web portals.



Do you want to boost your sales? BIT Studios can develop e-commerce platforms for you. We’re experienced in using Java, PHP, Python, and more to speed up the development of this project.

Web apps

Web Apps

If you already have a website, we suggest that you pair it with a custom web app. BIT Studios has already built 100+ web apps that have helped businesses grow in different ways.

Integration and maintenance

Integration and Maintenance

BIT Studios has a proven track record in API integration. Our development team has the tech stack to connect your apps to third-party services in no time. We also provide IT support and maintenance services.

Digital marketing and internet marketing services

Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing Services

We help companies increase their digital presence. We can help you launch effective google ads. The digital marketing services that we offer include social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing.

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Our Website Development Process

Our comprehensive processes make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Here are the steps we follow when we deliver web design and internet marketing services.

Identify the Goals

What are the goals of your project? Goal-setting gives us clear-cut directions in our production.

  • Market research
  • Analysis of tech and needs requirements
  • Setting key performance indicators (KPI)


Once we identify our project goals, we do the planning. What should you expect in the planning stage?

  • Service level of agreement discussion
  • Building of project timelines
  • Identifying the development methodology


Design isn’t just about visually appealing elements. It’s all about the user experience. It’s critical that we deliver a food UI/UX web design. In this stage, we:

  • Determine the persona
  • Ideation
  • Wireframing
  • Mockups
  • Prototyping


We do testing before we launch your project. Testing provides the following advantages:

  • Proactive approach to problems
  • Resolve bugs or defects
  • Improve the web design’s performance


Once we’ve checked everything and made the changes, we shall launch your project. If you need more assistance, here are some of the post-launch services we offer:

  • Technical support
  • Maintenance
  • Search engine optimization monitoring (if you availed digital marketing solutions)

Why Choose BIT Studios as Your Web Development Company in Dallas?

There are several benefits when you choose BIT Studios. As your dedicated web design company or digital marketing services provider, you get:

Solid Experience

BIT Studios has been creating great web designs, apps, and custom software for over 29 years! We have a wealth of experience and an arsenal of emerging technologies.

The Speed

We pioneered the UX-first rapid approach. We can deliver working prototypes in days. You don’t have to wait for months.

Diverse Talent Pool

Our team isn’t confined to a single location. We have a website designer, an SEO expert, and web development teams worldwide.

Projects and Staffing

If your organization has limited bandwidth, we can provide additional manpower immediately. This is more practical.

Impressive Portfolio

We have worked with startups, medium-sized businesses, and Fortune 100 companies. Their good feedback reflects the quality of our work.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Because of our UX-first rapid approach, we prevent delays. As a result, our clients don’t suffer from cost overruns.

Why Choose BIT Studio as your Web Development Company in Dallas?

29 Years of Experience

29+ Years of Experience

We’ve been in the industry for more than two decades.



Our agile approach helps companies save money and time.

Positive reviews

Positive Reviews

We don’t just meet our client’s expectations. We exceed them.

Enterprise projects

Enterprise Projects

We have completed 100+ enterprise projects.

Looking for a Top Web Developer in Dallas?

Innovative Solutions In Dallas Website Development  Services

Innovative Solutions

We are proficient in emerging technologies. We continue to evolve.

Strong Reputation In Dallas Website Development

Strong Reputation

Our high rating in Clutch is a testament to the quality of our work.

Budget-friendly Rates In Dallas Website Development


Our pricing models are flexible. You can schedule a free consultation to know what plan works best for you.

Hands-on Experience In Different Industries

Hands-On Experience in Different Industries

We’ve done HIPAA-compliant web portals and apps. We’ve deployed POS for retail companies.

Technologies and Platforms We Work With

Trinity Health
Stanley Steemper
Signature Brands
POP -tarts
Hewlett Packard
Flinn Scientific
Fresh Express

What Our Customers Say

Pricing Models in Our Website Development Process

Project scope in website development in Dallas, TX

Project Scope

Do we have to start from scratch? Or do we simply need to update your existing website? Of course, updates may come at a lower fee.

Complexity in website development in Dallas, TX


Some websites are easier to build than others. For example, it’s faster to launch a personal website than an e-commerce platform.

Type of web design in website development in Dallas, TX

Type of Web Design

Static web designs are cheaper than dynamic websites. Remember that more complex web designs cost more since they require specialized skills.

Customization and functionality in website development in Dallas, TX

Customization and Functionality

Custom websites with different functionalities cost more. A cheaper option would be to use templates and integrate simple capabilities.

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    Frequently Asked Questions for a Web Development Company (Dallas Area)

    What Is a Responsive Web Design, and Why Is It Important?

    Websites with a responsive web design are most likely to rank in Google. The more user-friendly you are, the better your chances of ranking.

    Likewise, companies with responsive websites can widen their market reach. Visitors that find it easy to navigate your website can become your customers.

    BIT Studios can provide you with flexible responsive web design services. We can immediately assign a dedicated website designer to work on your project.

    What Are the 3 Types of Web Development?

    The three types of web development are the following:

    Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important in Web Development?

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential factor in web design. The truth is, it must be a part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

    No matter how appealing your web design is, it will not make an impact. Unless it’s aligned with your search engine optimization efforts.

    So what do you get if you include search engine optimization in your web design?

    SEO makes it easier for search engines to understand your website’s content. When this happens, your chances of showing on the first-page increase. As your rank improves, the more you’ll get more traffic, which can lead to a high conversion rate. Conversion rate is the percentage of your target audience who became converting visitors.

    You can make your web design SEO-optimized by making it mobile-friendly and easy to load. Another thing you can do is improve its navigation and use ALT tags. These are just some of the recommendations. We encourage you to get in touch with us so we can discuss this matter more.

    Are You a Web Design Agency or Marketing Agency?

    BIT Studios is a combination of both. As mentioned above, provide web design and digital marketing services. But we also offer other solutions like custom software development. We also do software testing, mobile applications, and quality assurance.

    Is BIT Studios Based in the US?

    Yes. Feel free to contact us if you need internet marketing services. Of course, reach out to us for website development services. Dallas is our main office. But as mentioned, we have a diverse talent pool. So we also have a team in other parts of the world.

    How Long Will It Take You to Finish My Web Design?

    It depends on the project’s scope and complexity.

    If we are building custom websites from scratch, this may take some time. Custom websites have different requirements. On average, web development may take 4-6 months.

    Simpler websites or those that use templates can be done in a much shorter time. We can discuss the service level agreement in detail once you avail of our web design services.

    Can You Help me Create Content for My Website?

    BIT Studios is like a design firm and marketing agency rolled into one.

    If you lack content, we can provide it. We have a roster of exceptional content marketing specialists. We can deliver written content or video ads.

    We can also create promotional collateral. Examples of these are brochures and newsletters to support your marketing campaigns. Likewise, our content creators are proficient in promoting google ads. Visit our Dallas office. Or you can send us an email today to learn more about our content and digital marketing services.

    In the United States, BIT Studios is the provider you can trust in website development (Dallas).

    Our Web Development Clients as a Dallas Web Development Agency

    Point of Sale + eCommerce + Delivery

    Point of Sale + eCommerce + Delivery

    Desktop / Mobile App / Ecommerce

    We developed a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system for cafes and restaurants. It comes with features like multi-store functions and remote reporting. Store owners, employees, and even customers can use and access it.
    Food Blogger Recipe Site

    Food Blogger Recipe Site

    Portal / Mobile App

    We provided a custom web development solution for a food blogger. We did it via a custom WordPress website that’s consistent with the client’s branding. We were able to deliver a high-performance and secure site.
    eCommerce for Scientific Supplies

    eCommerce for Scientific Supplies

    Portal / Mobile App

    We upgraded the existing ecommerce site of Flinn Scientific. The new site improved our client’s sales and engagement. It’s all because of our UX-first rapid prototyping process.