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At BIT Studios, We provide services that can support you throughout the entire life cycle of your eCommerce web development and Dallas eCommerce management customer journey. This allows us to develop a project from start to finish and to support your organization where needed.

Our custom eCommerce website development services help you boost conversions by delivering immersive and engaging shopping experiences.
Delight Your Users
Marketing Strategy & Automation
Enhance Your Message
Convert Visitors To Customers
UX-Based Prototyping & Design
Technology Selection & Integration
Technology Selection & Integration
Ongoing Support & Improvements
Development Services
Ongoing Support & Improvements
Ecommerce Platforms We Know Well
We strongly believe in using the right tool for the situation. Companies and their audiences are unique with unique needs. For that reason, we have worked hard to build expert teams around the industry’s best content management and e-commerce platforms.

Our Process = Better Results, Faster

While everyone talks about their process like it’s something special, BIT Studios uses an approach that has been proven invaluable, reducing waste while increasing understanding throughout our clients’ organizations.
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Ecommerce Success Since 2001
Software Development Services
Our focus is around UX, Web Development, Systems Integration, and Mobile App Development.
A big part of our business is New Products and Corporate Portal Development.
sofrware and web development
Software & Web Development
Since 1990, we have logged thousands of hours developing hundreds of successful solutions across a wide range of industries and technologies.
mobile development
Since 1990, we have logged thousands of hours developing hundreds of successful solutions across a wide range of industries and technologies.
Web design
Dallas e-commerce
Web Design is increasingly more and more important to a website or system’s success. We are a Design First software development company.
Testing & QA
Quality Assurance or Software Testing is one of the most critical parts of any software project. Our QA Team is highly trained, and incredibly passionate, and is a big reason why we are a success.
We minimize this risk by creating clickable, semi-functional prototypes that allow the client to experience their site and provide feedback before it goes to production.
Enterprise eCommerce Design and Development
Scale-up Your Online eCommerce Business with Our Developers
E-Commerce Website Development is used by marketers to sell their products online. When the shopper is connected to the online store, it is crucial that the store has a range of useful features for them to use. In addition, you should also be able to provide them with a safe and secure environment to shop in while they are carrying out their online transactions.

Our eCommerce Developer will provide you with customized solutions that should meet your specific needs and you should ensure that you have commercially-sophisticated and client-focused solutions that will be simple to use.
Enterprise Ecommerce Design and
Development in Dallas
We focus on understanding your business, your customers, and your desired outcomes before writing a single line of code. We work closely with you to define your goals and develop a path to seamless shopping experiences and increased sales.