Anna Pantelimonova

Anna Pantelimonova

Senior Quality Assurance and Project Manager, BIT Studios
I strategize and oversee quality assurance and software project management, emphasizing Agile methodologies and team collaboration.

Anna began her journey in the IT industry as a QA Specialist in 2004, honing her expertise in manual and automated UI testing. Her comprehensive approach to quality assurance and unique blend of skills quickly led her to a Lead QA role, where she managed key projects. This role involved intricate cross-functional team collaboration, setting priorities, and ensuring compliance with various countries' state legislations.

Anna's career took a significant leap in 2013 as she became a Team Lead and Software Project Manager for a 25-person team. Her responsibilities expanded to include software project management, strategic planning, and liaising with international offices. She balanced her role as a Technical Manager with overseeing multiple custom software projects, emphasizing her versatile skill set and leadership abilities.

In 2021, Anna joined BIT Studios as a Project Manager for Fulton Grace Realty. She managed various responsibilities, from meticulous people management to regular update meetings and demos with clients. Her adept prioritization of project backlogs and strategic IT project planning was instrumental in driving the projects' success. Anna's keen oversight extended to verifying and updating requirements, collaborating closely with designers, and diligently ensuring the quality of QA strategies

Demonstrating exceptional skill and commitment, Anna soon advanced to her current position as Senior Quality Assurance and Project Manager. Her openness and proactive communication style have firmly established her as a trusted and credible professional in her field.

Throughout her career, Anna has consistently enhanced her expertise with rigorous training in Agile and Scrum methodologies, including Jira administration. This commitment to leadership and professional development is reflected in her career achievements and her initiative to conduct masterclasses in Agile methodologies for IT schools. In these sessions, she shared her wealth of knowledge and experience with aspiring professionals, contributing to the growth of the next generation in the field.

Anna likes to say:

No one can be effective without a clear objective. The objectives must be pinned-said or written, so everyone in the team can make sense of them and see the value in the big picture.

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