Alex Ovdienko

Alex Ovdienko

UI/UX Director, BIT Studios
I lead the UI/UX design team, overseeing project development and implementing innovative design strategies.

With a master’s degree in Computer Applications, Alex laid a robust foundation for his career in computer engineering and design. His expertise was further enhanced by specialized training in UI design.

Beginning his professional journey in 2005, Alex effectively managed high-traffic websites, drawing up to 50,000 unique visitors daily. He led teams across various domains, excelling in SEO and UI/UX design

His career pivoted in 2013 when he delved into UI/UX design, serving clients from multiple industries and working with Fortune 500 companies, such as J&J, P&G, and Estee Lauder. Alex led the implementation of a holistic user-centered design approach, which included extensive user research, developing intuitive and visually appealing user-interface design, and showcasing proficiency in various design tools.

In 2014, Alex joined BIT Studios as a UI/UX Designer, focusing on designs that work and deliver results for businesses. He was responsible for UX wireframing and interactive prototyping. Also, Alex combined creative innovation with a strong understanding of user needs, driving impactful and functional designs aligned with business objectives.

Alex's ascent to UI/UX Director in 2021 marked a significant career milestone. In this role, he demonstrated exceptional leadership, managing a growing team and achieving multiple design awards. His responsibilities evolved from hands-on design work to overseeing the entire design process management, encompassing strategy development, client interaction, design oversight, and fostering an inclusive design culture.

Grounded in extensive experience with hundreds of diverse design projects, Alex's credibility as a UI/UX design expert is unassailable. At BIT Studios, his vision is forward-thinking and dynamic, aimed at continually advancing the design field by integrating UI/UX best practices, innovative technologies, and artificial intelligence. 

Alex likes to say:

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