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Our UX Rapid Prototyping service in Chicago helps design and engineering teams turn their ideas into reality quickly and efficiently. We work in a tough industry. Statistics tell us that more than 50% of all IT projects fail, and many of the projects that do make it experience high-cost overruns.

At BIT Studios, we don’t think that’s acceptable. One of the ways we minimize this risk is by creating clickable, semi-functional prototypes that allow you to demo your custom software and provide feedback before you spend money on expensive development.
UX & Prototyping Since 2003
UX & Prototyping Since 2003
Hundreds of Prototypes
We’ve Built Hundreds of Prototypes
Eliminate Risks
Eliminate 90% of Project Risk
3X Faster Delivery
3X Faster
A Few of Our Web & Software projects
Why You Should Consider Rapid Prototyping
Our Rapid Prototyping service helps design and engineering teams turn their ideas into reality quickly and efficiently. We work in a tough industry. Statistics tell us that more than 50% of all IT projects fail, and many of the projects that do make it experience high-cost overruns.
You Drive Feedback
Early and often
User input drives UX & Prototyping updates and, finally, you get what you expect and what you need… every time. UX Design Chicago, at it’s best!
You Demo / See It
Before We Build It
Development is done in daily increments, so that you can see and control the whole process of creation.
Useful Software
Usable, Useful Software Is the Result
Prototyping reduces project risk by up to 90% and lets complex projects come to life quickly. Success is the only option.

what our clients say

Mark Allen

“Midwest Wireless would recommend using BIT Studios to any organization with complex development projects or tasks…. Not only was it a quick turnaround for such an important piece of the project, it came to us in a very complete condition…. Our consultant returned with rave reviews of the BIT Studios resources, and the project managers were able to breathe easily throughout the process. Midwest Wireless is extremely pleased, still, with the catalog (built by BIT Studios). Most of all we feel very comfortable with the value it provides to us and our Web Based Activations system.”

Steven Davidson, CEO, Agility Health

“Our company was amid a $4.5M enterprise software project gone awry. We decided to hand our development keys off to Jeff and the BIT Studios team. Within weeks, our development process was restructured and rejuvenated. BIT Studios promptly selected new outsourced developers; and in collaboration with our in house domain experts, prioritized and reset our development calendar to meet critical deadlines.

Jeff’s leadership was critical in driving the project forward, communicating to management the realities of our project’s status, and visioning the opportunities and feature sets to improve our enterprise’s efficiency. Subsequently, I’ve worked with Jeff on a variety of technology-related projects and I’m very pleased with all outcomes. I endorse Jeff / BIT Studios and wholeheartedly recommend them.”


“I’ve worked with BIT Studios on developing a website for our company. They have always been helpful and found ways to get things done within our tight time and budget constraints. They are a joy to work with and have the expertise to get the job done!”

Thomas Cromkright, CEO, CertifID

“Jeff and the BIT Studios’ team build great systems that perform at scale. They are creative and strategic thinkers that add value not only to the product but also the commercialization of the business.


“Jeff has an amazing level of experience and knowledge in software development, business strategy and technology. He is a great person to work with. I would highly recommend BIT Studios for your next project.”

Create Prototypes Rapidly
Create Prototypes Rapidly
and Get to Market Faster
BIT Studios is a full suite rapid prototyping service company offering a wide range of rapid prototyping technologies and materials, providing the competitive edge you need in the product development process to help you get your prototype to you faster.

Prototyping is one of the most crucial steps in product development. A well-rendered model gives you the best possible insight as to the form and function of your final element. Rapid prototyping expedites the procedure, making it faster and easier to make critical design decisions. We draw on our extensive experience to take your product from concept to reality, advising you on the best prototyping techniques along the way.
Let’s Work Together
Let’s take this step by step. We’ll listen to your needs, we’ll help you outline what you want to do and make sure everything is transparent. Looking for Rapid Prototyping Services Chicago, you’ve found the right team.
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