Hire a Dedicated Development Team: Strengthen and Grow Your Tech Team

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Published: Mar 21, 2023
Updated: Apr 21, 2023
Hire Dedicated Development Team - Business looking to hire skilled developers

Do you have a software project you need to complete quickly? You can hire dedicated development teams to help you finish the job. A dedicated team works exclusively for you and is available whenever you need them. But, hiring developers in today’s IT industry can be challenging.

According to Statista, the global software and application developers market will grow by 5.72 percent in 2027. This growth reflects an increasing demand for dedicated development teams across the globe. Moreover, businesses are starting to invest in custom tech solutions.

But how do you hire such a team? Let’s look at what it takes to hire a dedicated software development team and its benefits.

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated software development teams are specialized groups of developers. All the team members have specific skills and work together to create software. You can hire them as your in-house team or outsource them to development companies.

The team works closely to manage all aspects of development. They will work on designing, coding, testing, and deployment. Sometimes, the teams may be responsible for software maintenance after deployment.

Moreover, hiring dedicated development team can provide numerous benefits for businesses. It is also helpful if you need to work on complex projects. It can help streamline your workflow and increase efficiency, resulting in faster delivery of projects.

Here are the other benefits of hiring dedicated development teams:

Streamlined Workflows

A dedicated team of professionals can help streamline your workflow and increase efficiency. It will solely work on specific projects. It means the team can provide better focus and work quality on your software.

Access to the Latest Technologies and Tools

Your outsourcing partner will provide your dedicated team access to all the latest technologies and tools. This step helps them build better software solutions for your project. Moreover, their expertise in the domain can help you get the best out of emerging technologies.

Access to a Larger Talent Pool

A dedicated team can help you access professional developers’ extensive knowledge and skills. You can hire those who specialize in different areas of software development. It will make your process more efficient.


Outsourcing a dedicated team provides you with greater flexibility than traditional development methods. You can quickly ramp up or down your outsourced team, depending on your specific needs. You don’t have to worry about costly layoffs and employee retraining.

Assessing Your Team Needs

Assessing Your Team Needs - Hire Dedicated Development Team [Infographics]

Before you hire a dedicated development team, it’s essential to assess your company’s current needs. You must identify the kind of software you need and the specific tech skills it requires. This way, you’ll be able to know the type of development team that best suits your project. You can also hire a business analyst to know which skills and technology your target market needs.

Here are some ways to assess your company’s needs:

Identify Areas Where Additional Resources Are Needed

It’s essential to inventory your existing resources before hiring a dedicated team. Assess the skills and experience of your current unit and any tools that may already be in place.

Then, identify the additional tools and software you need for your development project. Understand the type of product you want to develop. Then, research the available technology solutions for your project.

Doing so ensures you hire a dedicated software development team with the proper skill set and expertise.

Determine the Size and Composition of the New Team

Determining the size and design of your dedicated team is essential for your success. You must also consider the project’s complexity, budget, and timeline. It will help you determine the number of people you need and the skill sets they should have.

For example, a complex system with APIs or integration requires more developers. You also need to consider the complementary skills of your team members. It will help you develop your ideal software faster and more efficiently.

Evaluate the Current Team’s Skillset and Determine Training Needs

Evaluate your current team’s skill set before choosing a dedicated team approach. By assessing the expertise of each member, you’ll know the gaps in their knowledge. It will help you determine what additional training they need to complete your project. It will also help you decide on hiring a new team. All you need to do is find those with the skills and expertise your current members lack.

Additionally, evaluating your team’s skills allows you to utilize their talents better. You will use your members’ existing skills and potential effectively. It will also help you create a comprehensive technical and non-technical training plan for them.

How to Hire Dedicated Development Team

Hiring a dedicated development team comes with challenges. You must conduct extensive research and interviews to hire the right person. Finding developers with the skill set you need for your project is also tricky.

Since companies hire developers for long-term projects, they must be extra careful to avoid quick turnovers. Here are some tips on how to hire a dedicated development team with software development outsourcing services:

Step 1. Choose Between In-house and Outsourced Teams

There are two main options for hiring a dedicated team. These include selecting members to form an in-house team and outsourcing an already established team.

In-house teams offer the advantage of close collaboration with your existing employees. Meanwhile, outsourced teams provide access to a larger pool of talent and expertise. Choose the option that fits your specific needs.

You must consider the following things when choosing your team:

  • Resources and Tools. Based on the types of tasks and the available resources, decide which is more effective. Hiring an in-house team is ideal if you already have your tools and other resources. If not, outsourcing a dedicated team model might be your best solution. You will not need to pay for those tools separately in this option.
  • Cost. Analyze the financial aspects when choosing between in-house and outsourced teams. Consider how much you need to pay for the in-house team’s salaries, overhead, benefits, and training. If you have enough budget for this, you can hire your team. But if not, outsourcing can help you save more.
  • Workload. Consider the workload for the team, like project length and complexity. Hire in-house developers if the project is simpler. But outsourcing can be a better choice if you need more complex software. They can also help you deploy your app immediately.
  • Control and Oversight. Most companies decide to hire a dedicated team to get complete control over the process. But, there are slight differences in the management freedom you can get from in-house and outsourcing. If you have a reliable project manager, consider hiring in-house developers. Try outsourcing if you want a more independent team that still offers control over the workflow.
  • Flexibility. Consider how much flexibility you need in scaling up and down according to your project requirements. More flexibility can be a deciding factor in outsourcing your services.

Step 2. Understand the Benefits and challenges of your options

Any option you choose will have challenges and benefits, and knowing them is essential. Doing so will help you set expectations for the development workflow. It will also help you think of innovative solutions to mitigate issues in the future.

In-house Teams


  • Better control over the development process
  • Lower cost compared to outsourcing
  • More direct communication between management, developers, and other stakeholders


  • Difficulty in acquiring specialized skills
  • Longer onboarding time for new team members
  • Limited access to resources outside the organization
  • More challenging to enforce accountability

Outsourced Teams


  • Access to a larger pool of developers with specialized skills
  • Faster onboarding than in-house teams
  • Greater flexibility when scaling your team up or down
  • Increased access to resources such as cloud storage and software testing tools
  • More accurate tracking capabilities
  • Various models to choose from, like a fixed price model or time and materials model


  • The higher cost associated with outsourcing development services
  • Less direct control over the development process
  • Lower accountability as developers are not in close contact with management

Step 3. Identify and Hire the Right Team For Your Project

For this step, you must identify which dedicated team model can fulfill your project requirements. To do this, you must define your objectives and search for your candidates first. You must also conduct a thorough interview to understand their tech and soft skills.

Define Your Objectives

Firstly, identify your objectives to get a clear idea of what you want to achieve. It will help you find the right skills for your dedicated team.

Specify Requirements

Once you know your objectives, it’s time to specify what skill sets you may need for the project. Look for a specific team that matches those requirements.

Check References

Before hiring a dedicated team, check their references and customer reviews online. It will give you an idea of their past performance and client relationships.

Interview Teams

Interview potential candidates and ask relevant questions about their experience and capabilities. It will give you an idea of whether they are the right fit for your project.

Negotiate Terms and Conditions

After selecting the best candidate, discuss all contractual details. Review the timelines, budget, payment methods, and confidentiality agreements. It will help ensure that both sides will benefit from the collaboration.

Tips for Conducting a Successful Interview and Hiring Process

To ensure that you choose the right person, you must conduct the interview professionally. Here are some interview tips for hiring the ideal dedicated development team model:


Always begin with research to understand the candidates’ experience and qualifications. It will help you ensure that you hire those suitable for the position.


Create a list of relevant questions the candidate should answer during the interview. Ask the same questions across all hiring discussions to evaluate each applicant fairly.


Take time to listen carefully to what each candidate has to say. It will give you a clear idea about their skills, working style, and attitude. This process will also help you determine whether they would be a good fit for your company.


When conducting interviews, organize every detail of the hiring process. Set up a timeline for each step of the recruitment and prepare any necessary materials. It would be best if you were always on top of communication with applicants throughout the process.


After choosing your finalists, let the other candidates know the outcome via email. It is essential to maintain good relationships with other candidates.

How To Manage a Dedicated Development Team

When hiring a dedicated development team, it’s essential to have an effective management system.

Team management helps ensure that the software development process runs smoothly and efficiently. It involves providing direction, leadership, and support for each team member. It will also help motivate your team to complete tasks on time and within budget.

So, hiring a competent project manager with technical skills is essential. Remember that they will lead your dedicated development team model. If you decide to outsource, you still need someone who can supervise and delegate tasks.

Here are helpful steps in managing a dedicated development team.

Establish Clear Goals and Expectations

Set clear goals and expectations for your dedicated development team. You must also define the roles and responsibilities of each team member. Doing these will help you set milestones for the completion of the project.

Additionally, you must create a timeline and budget that align with the project’s goals. Provide frequent feedback and encouragement to motivate the team to achieve your goals.

Set Up Efficient Communication Channels

Having efficient communication channels is essential to your dedicated software development team. It will help your team access the information they need to work together efficiently.

So, you must establish effective communication protocols. It will ensure everyone is on the same page. You can also use project management tools for team transparency and collaboration.

Manage Project Progress and Quality Control

You must manage the development progress to build an effective dedicated project team structure. It requires your keen attention to the milestones of your developers and testers. Moreover, you need to check their Key Progress Indicators (KPIs) and implement monthly assessments.

Ensure Necessary Resources and Tools

Making sure everyone on your development team has what they need is essential. They should have access to new technology and software, plus the training and support that comes with it. That way, they can do their job more quickly and efficiently.

If you have in-house developers, you also need to give them a proper workstation. A good internet connection is also essential to avoid development or collaboration issues.

Tracking Progress and Measuring Success

Tracking progress and success can help your dedicated development team improve productivity. So, you must set up systems to monitor project milestones and evaluate the efficiency of your processes. You should also ensure quality control for each task completed.

Moreover, measuring the success of your project gives the team members motivation. Set goals before starting the project and provide them with feedback along the way. It will allow your dedicated development team to work together to achieve their objectives with minimal issues.

Here are some of the steps to track and measure your project’s success:

Set up Metrics To Track Progress

Setting up metrics can help you track the progress of a dedicated development team. It also gives you more control over the software development process.

You can monitor project milestones and evaluate your team’s efficiency with proper tracking. It will also let you know the bottlenecks that cause delays and issues within your team.

Here are some helpful metrics you can use:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs allow companies to track the performance and progress of their development team. These include customer satisfaction rate and bug fix or resolution rate. You can also measure the build times or release cycle frequencies with KPIs.

  • Code Quality

This metric is vital in any software project since it reflects user experience and codebase reliability. With code quality, you can monitor the complexity and style consistency of the codes. You can also track the maintainability index, duplication levels, and test coverage.

  • Productivity & Efficiency

Companies should track employee productivity and efficiency through relevant metrics. It includes measuring the task completion time, the number of tasks completed or approved, and bug reports filed or resolved per day. You can also check their average response time for customer support requests.

  • Time Management

Companies must measure team utilization rates to ensure that projects remain on schedule. It is the time your team spent working versus their idle time. You should also know their overall timeline adherence metric. It will show the completion of tasks within deadlines.

Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs are essential factors in measuring the progress of your development project. But, they need to be relevant to your specific project goals and objectives to be effective. Once you identify the right KPIs, you can use them to measure the performance of your team members. It will also identify any areas that need improvement or changes.

Here are some KPIs you may need:

  • Customer Satisfaction Rate. This KPI lets you know how satisfied customers are with the product or service.
  • Bug Fix/Resolution Rate. It measures how quickly your team identifies and resolves bugs and issues.
  • Build Times/Release Cycle Frequencies. Here, you need to assess if your development cycles meet the deadlines set by the company.
  • Team Velocity. This metric measures how fast your team completes tasks in each sprint.
  • Code Complexity. It will answer how easy it is to navigate and understand your code blocks.
  • Coding Style Consistency. This KPI assesses if the coding style is consistent across all dedicated software developers. You’ll also know if it adheres to industry standards.
  • Duplication Levels. You need to check if your dedicated developers are writing existing code elsewhere in the project. You must also see if they are writing new code for added features or bug fixes.
  • Test Coverage. This KPI will check if you are testing all areas of the codebase adequately. Doing this test will ensure quality when deploying new software versions.
  • Task Completion Time. Are employees meeting expected levels of task completion times? Ensure that everyone is meeting the required number of completed tasks daily.

Evaluate and Adjust the Performance of Dedicated Development Teams

When tracking a dedicated development team’s performance, you have to measure the quantity and quality of their work. You can use the metrics above to get a complete picture of your team’s performance.

Once you establish the metrics, you have to set goals for each metric they track. You can then evaluate the team’s performance against your goals on an ongoing basis.

But there will be instances where your team will fail to meet the metrics or their progress is below expectations. When this happens, make sure you talk with each member and ask what the issue could be. It will help you make adjustments to help the team get back on track.

It could include changing up the development process or incorporating agile methodologies.

There are also some cases when the team only needs an earlier testing process to address software issues immediately. You can also invest in more training for your employees.

If your team needs more members, consider hiring additional staff. Make sure to fill in specific skill sets you need to improve productivity.


Hiring a dedicated development team has many benefits. It includes efficiency and better control over the processes. It also allows businesses to scale their tech teams quickly to meet evolving demands. Lastly, it provides companies with access to specialized skills that would be difficult to acquire in an in-house team.

However, there can also be challenges and necessary steps to manage and hire a dedicated development team. This article will help you select the right one for your project.

BIT Studios is your solution for hiring a dedicated development team. Our IT outsourcing company can offer you a dedicated team that prioritizes your time and product quality. Our dedicated teams also have competitive project managers and use an agile process. Contact us here for a free assessment of your project!

Originally published March 21, 2023, updated April 21, 2023

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