Julia Flyashinskaya

Julia Flyashinskaya

Quality Assurance Manager, BIT Studios
I lead BIT Studios' QA team in driving software excellence with innovative testing and a customer-focused approach.

Julia began her career in the quality assurance and software testing industry in 2016, where she translated her linguistics expertise and QA certification into meticulous testing processes. Her first role as a Manual QA was foundational and helped her specialize in bug reporting and test case creation.

With her growing expertise in quality assurance, Julia advanced to being a Senior QA Analyst in 2018. Her role expanded to detailed test documentation, which involved devising comprehensive test plans and test cases to ensure thorough coverage of software functionalities. Additionally, she played a crucial role in functional testing, meticulously executing test cases, and analyzing applications for errors.

In 2020, Julia started her journey with BIT Studios as a Senior Software tester, where she quickly demonstrated her leadership potential. Throughout her tenure, she managed and guided her peers, playing a critical role in successfully releasing various complex projects. Her practical experience made her a pivotal contributor to BIT Studios' successes.

By 2021, she quickly progressed as a QA Manager, overseeing the company's key projects and leading a team of QA testers. Julia exemplifies leadership by managing release testing and software functionality testing, formulating test runs and suites, and ensuring high-quality bug reports and test documentation. Her approach is characterized by a blend of technical acumen and strategic foresight, essential for leading in the fast-paced software testing world.

Julia's commitment to professional growth is evident in her adoption of new technologies and methodologies. She skillfully integrates tools like SQL scripts and POSTMAN into her workflow and is exploring Kordoba's capabilities. This commitment to staying updated reflects the ethos of BIT Studios.

Julia likes to say:

Staying ahead in quality assurance is a continuous learning and adaptation journey. Every day presents a new opportunity to enhance our methods and deliver excellence.

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