Dmitry Rubstov

Dmitry Rubstov

Head of DevOps, BIT Studios
I envision integrating my expertise in DevOps, tech support, and security at BIT Studios. My goal is to streamline development processes, enhance customer support, and bolster overall system security.

Dmitry joined the IT industry in 2015, as a DevOps Engineer. He already had a foundational understanding of server administration, tech support, and DevOps practices. Through dedication and rapid skill acquisition, Dmitry quickly grew proficient in these areas. Dmitry's achievements include building a company's IT infrastructure from scratch. He also led a high-concurrency cryptocurrency exchange project, showcasing his technical proficiency. Dmitry adeptly managed a team of 50 software developers and testers, demonstrating his strong leadership skills.

In 2017, Dmitry ventured into system and backend development, marking a pivotal shift in his career. This role expanded his focus from mere infrastructure to encompassing software development and system architecture, demonstrating his adaptability and continuous growth in the tech industry.

Joining BIT Studios in 2018, Dmitry took on multiple roles, showcasing his versatility. He started as a Senior DevOps Engineer, applying his profound knowledge in infrastructure development and maintenance. His growing interest in complex project support led him to become an Infrastructure Architect, responsible for managing and constructing foundational architecture for future software projects. 

Currently, Dmitry serves as BIT Studios’ Head of DevOps and Cyber Security. He spearheads the enhancement of system security protocols, ensuring data safety and integrity. Dmitry also mentors and provides consultancy to the BIT Studios development teams. His foresight in recognizing the critical importance of software security in the digital age underscores his contribution to the field.

At BIT Studios, Dmitry has contributed to various projects, including Eckard, DailyFrenzy, LinkLogiq, and FultonGrace, showcasing his adaptability and commitment to excellence in diverse IT environments.

Throughout his career, Dmitry has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt to new roles, actively seeking opportunities for growth and learning. He contributes to open-source projects, continuously expanding his knowledge and expertise in IT.

In DevOps, we seamlessly meld development with operations, infusing rigorous security, comprehensive documentation, and strong cross-team collaboration to turn ideas into secure, well-supported customer value.

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