Team Augmentation

100% dedicated extension of your in-house development team – just working in another office

Highly Experienced
& Fully Vetted Professionals

Variable Cost Models
& Collaboration Options

Benefits of Outsourcing

Team Augmentation can be very beneficial to your operations if used properly. Working with a strategic core team and expanding, contracting with that core team as your base provides flexibility that is extremely difficult to find with the competitive talent market that we all face today. Our Eastern European development centers follow a rigorous hiring process ensuring that our engineers are fully vetted and in the top 3% in the industry for development and communication skills.
So what you finally get is:

Great Team of Dedicated Professionals
  • Professional Management & Training
  • Highly Experienced and Fully Vetted
  • Dedicated & Accountable to You
  • Scale Up and Down with Ease
  • Quick Access to Top Talent
Favourable Terms & Real Cost Savings
  • No Payroll Taxes
  • No Recruiting Costs
  • Variable Cost Model
  • Short or Long Term
  • Full, Part Time and Time & Materials Options

US – Based Project Management, Business Analysis & UX

Not sure which one you need? No problem, we can both handpick a team for you and manage any aspect of the project you need, from requirements to implementation.

  • Set up effective processes

  • Agile Scrum

  • UX First Process

  • 100% Transparency

  • User Stories & Use Cases

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Functional Requirements

  • Build anything from ground up

Most development projects can really benefit by leading with UX and all development initiatives require project management and business analysis whether you’re doing Agile or Waterfall development. That’s why we offer professional PM, BA and UX services.