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B2B Ecommerce Uniform Company System

The B2B Ecommerce Uniform Company System offers a complete line of industrial, commercial and high-performance flame-resistant apparel, as well as casual work clothing and accessories.The System offers a complete line of industrial, commercial, and high-performance flame-resistant apparel, as well as casual work clothing and accessories. The following benefits and functionality can be found in this system:

  • Credit cards and telecheck processing
  • Integration with UPS shipping online tool
  • Preparation and sending of e-mail on the basis of sales reports
  • Four types of users: retail customer, corporate customer, preferred authorized customer, and preferred unauthorized customer
  • Special discounts for corporate customers.
  • Dynamic customizing front-end view (mini-site preview) and product list for preferred clients
  • Billboard and message board for each preferred client
  • Special purchase orders with own order numbers

The solution is more oriented to business to business.

  • This solution is intended for use in small- and medium-sized business companies.
  • This solution is oriented both on retail e-shopping and business-to-business.
  • Scalable from hundreds to thousands of products
  • Unlimited catalog enclosing
  • Can be used on any web hosting company that supports Active Server Pages, ColdFusion or run on your own Windows 95/98/NT/2000
  • Can use Microsoft SQL Server
  • Can use Microsoft Access
  • Can use Signio PayFlow Link secure payment system
  • Can use Signio PayFlow Pro secure payment system
  • Free full source code
  • Unlimited numbers of categories, subcategories, and products
  • Easy customization of product and category displays
  • Automatic links to extended product description pages
  • Multi-product selection adds any number of products to the shopping cart with one button press.
  • Ability to search product by name, item #, or description
  • Ability to add product properties such as color, size, volume, or any other attribute
  • “Specials ” category for all products
  • “Promotion ” option for products in category with random displaying
  • Ability to buy a “gift certificate”
  • Update store online from any Internet-connected PC
  • On-the-fly catalog page creation (no HTML required)
  • Unlimited catalog enclosing
  • Easy to add, delete, and amend product data
  • Sales history reporting
  • On-line order viewing
  • Order status changing
  • Delayed order editing and checking
  • Front-end page view customizing
  • Customer can select from any shipping method you provide
  • Discounts by quantity option
  • Shipping charge free by quantity option
  • Minimum amount checking
  • Ability to put comments with order
  • E-mail confirmation is sent to the customer when order status is changed.
  • Customers can view history and check on the status of individual or all their orders.
  • Secure credit card (SSL) is supported so that customers can be sure their information is securely encrypted.
  • Payment can be made by credit card or gift certificate.
  • Ability to delay payment while admin checks the order or stock.

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